Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've been listening to Obama tell us at every opportunity how much money all his policies will save the American taxpayer. It reminded of me of an old story.

A man was telling his friend about gas saving measures he was using with his car. "I had the engine tuned up and I'm saving 35%. I checked the air in my tires and added another 10%. I got 25% improvement by never exceeding 55 mph." His friend was impressed. "But that's not all.", he continued. "I shut off the engine at drive-up windows and gained 20%. And not using the air conditioning gives me another 15%."
"That's outstanding!",exclaimed his friend. "You must be really happy!" "It's a real pain in the butt!", said the man. "I have to stop every 20 miles and drain the excess gas out of the tank!"

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