Monday, March 29, 2010


Tonight, as we have during Lent, my 6th grade CCD class prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Each week we have prayed for different intentions; families, the sick, priests. Tonight we prayed for our Holy Father. I told them that Pope Benedict was facing much criticism, albeit undeserved, and needed the help that our prayer would give him. They have always been good about the responses. But this evening they were even more so. 15 young people, in a large building, filled the entire church with their responses. It sounded like there were a hundred people praying. I was so surprised and moved that I had a hard time leading the prayer. As we left, some of them commented, "I really like that prayer." I knew they were really praying for the Holy Father. The evil one will not win when 12 year olds pray like this.

"And the gates of Hell shall not prevail..."


  1. Those kids are the future of our church and I am darned proud of them!

  2. Ahh, no matter how many evil's the world slings our way--trying to taint holy week--our faith goes on, and we are family, we love our most Holy Father Pope Benedict!