Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent & the Olympics

The Ironic Catholic has a great post on 10 ways Lent is like the Olympics.

10 Ways in Which the 2010 Winter Olympics is Like Ash Wednesday

That is, 10 ways beyond the obvious fact that the 2010 Olympic logo looks like a multi-colored cross.

  1. It starts with a fire. Fires produce ash!

  2. Canada has always struck me as a good place to do penance.

  3. You can sing "Mountain of God" going up the ski lift.

  4. When you're an athlete, you don't get to eat what you want. You give it up, right? Get it?

  5. ...All the potential in the downhill skiing metaphors and reflecting about your slide from the summit with God!

  6. ...not to mention the frequent mention and fear of "the Fall" in the figure skating competitions.

  7. "Today is the appropriate time...." Just do it, now. The race is today.

  8. History matters. You didn't get to today out of nowhere; it's been a journey.

  9. Kinda slushy up in Vancouver, like your life.

  10. The agony of and examined.

Way in which the Winter Olympics is NOT like Ash Wednesday:

  1. When you repent and trust in God, you always get the gold.