Friday, October 2, 2009

Guardian Angels

I love to think about angels. From the very earliest I can remember, my parents taught me about guardian angels. I was taught to make the Guardian Angel Prayer one of my morning prayers. We pray this prayer every morning at our pre-school with our 3 & 4 year olds. As with all prayers, one must take care not to allow the rote recitation to lead us into complacency.

I read a story once about an instance of angelic intervention. It was of a young women walking home late at night on a darkened street. She had to pass by a sinister looking man. She said a quick prayer to her guardian angel and walked quickly by. She passed safely and entered her apartment building. Sometime later, she heard a commotion outside and looked out to see police cars in the street. She went out to inquire and was told that a young women was assaulted. She told the police that she had seen a man on the street when she had passed a bit earlier. The police said they had someone in custody and asked if she might come and see if she could identify him as the man she had seen earlier. She did and it was. She asked the police if she could ask the man why he had left her alone when she passed. The man answered, "I saw you. It would have been stupid to attack you with those two big guys walking on each side of you."

My own experience was less spectacular. I was mowing hay many years ago and the mower knife became clogged with grass. My usual practice was to disengage the power and remove the grass. I guess being almost finished (and tired) I forgot to disengage the mower. I reached down for the grass with the blade slicing back and forth. About 6 inches away, something grabbed my arm and stopped me in mid reach. I suddenly had a "vision" of a right hand with no fingers. I know who stopped me and have been ever grateful. (I type slow enough as it is with two hands).

I am so grateful that God loves us so much to give us angels to watch over us.


  1. I heard that story about the woman before - way cool.

    My Guardian Angel encounter is rather unspectacular as well.

  2. Thanks Larry. I read about Leonard. What a great story!